Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Snowing - RIP

K, so I love Snowing. There's something about these songs that really gets to me. I mean fuck... I know the story of an emo band forming, releasing a handful of songs and breaking up three years later is a familiar one, but when its a band as good as Snowing, it still stings a little. These guys were the real deal. They have this way of playing like sloppy, pop-punkish twinkly shit and then its like they get tired of that and just jam on these climactic riffs that feel like they could go on for days, the whole mess held together by pretty much the best singing and lyricism twinkly has to offer this side of Empire! Empire! If you are remotely interested in emo, pop-punk, sad-sack jams, etc. and you're not listening to this band you're fuckin' up. Download, listen, learn the words, fall in love, drive around singing at the top of your lungs like a jackass at 2 in the morning.

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