Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hexis/As We Draw/Euglena - Split (2011)

Artist: Hexis/As We Draw/Euglena
Genre: Post-Hardcore/Post-Metal/Black Metal
Country: United States

A great release by three up and coming post-hardcore bands, the Hexis/As We Draw/Euglena split very much offers a look into the darker side of the aforementioned genre. While As We Draw and Euglena sprinkle in elements of post-metal to make their songs extra epic, Hexis's contributions dabble in the realm of black metal giving the album a nice sense of diversity. Although there are still some things that could be worked on, these three bands hint here that they just may have some pretty bright futures ahead of them.

Bandcamp (you can either order a vinyl version or download and pay at your own price)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Infernal Stronghold - Godless Noise (2009)

Artist: Infernal Stronghold
Genre: Black Metal/Hardcore
Country: United States
Record Label: Forcefield Records

With no time for small talk, these jokers get right down to the thick of things and take you on a ride of intensity that doesn't let up until they've released you from their grim, frosted grip. 28 minutes of crusted black metal played in a hardcore format consisting of short songs and quick bursts of punk-like aggression (whatever the fuck that is). A 320 kbps stream/download is available on their bandcamp, though you can also make purchases through their website.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

James Dean - Discography

James Dean were a little-known punky screamo band from Australia that disbanded in 2008. As far as I know these two demos are the only material they have recorded, which is a shame because their shit is really excellent. Their vocalist does the sort of sing-speaking thing during the mellower moments that really recalls that old-school emo sound, along with some nice noodly guitar work and occasional gang vocals. That description blew, but this band doesn't and that's what matters. Check it out, I've included their CD-R and the 7" they released after they broke up.

P.S. If anyone happens to have any of these tracks in a non-shitty bit-rate, drop a comment, I'd love to get those.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sicktrip - Demo (2011)

Raw as all fuck, Sictrip's first demo is a nothing but a grindin' good time-- between vicious blastbeats, metallic hardcore breakdowns and particularly dynamic dual vocals, this is a great introduction to the grind scene for the band.