Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Love Like... Electrocution- Love Like... Electrocution (2002) (

Seems like these guys have been under the radar since their inception. They don't raise the bar, nor was that their intention, but it's a beautiful combination of raw hardcore/emo that will leave you breathless. Don't let the song titles fool you(Das Plague; It's French for Germans). Love Like...'s lyrics tend to grab you by the heart and never let go. A must for any fan of emo.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Punch - Nothing Lasts 7" (2011)

If you've heard Punch before you already know the drill. For those who don't know, Punch is a female-fronted bay area hardcore band. They fucking bring the pain: short, fast songs (what song structure?), screechy vocals, feedback, etc. Just had the pleasure of seeing this band with Loma Prieta (who they share a couple members with) and Beau Navire, and learned that they have a new 7" out. This is their latest offering, 7 pissed hardcore songs in just under 10 minutes. Probably not quite as good as last year's full-length, but I'm certainly not complaining.

The Hope And The Failure - The Lights Are On But This Dance Never Ends (2005)

Artist: The Hope and The Failure
Genre: Screamo/Post-Rock
Country: Sweden
Label: Unsigned

A female fronted screamo group from Sweden, The Hope and the Failure's first and only album The Lights Are On But This Dance Never Ends is easily one of my favorite screamo records ever. Built-up upon glistening post-rock verses with chilling spoken word narrations, half of The Lights Are On But This Dance Never Ends is the the most chill, yet unsettling music ever. The other half is energetic screamo madness with post-rock styled dynamics and a super unique sense of melody.Overall this album is just win all over, so definitely pick it up.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Gallows-True Colours

I almost hate to say, but it seems the addition of Wade McNeil has added many new levels to the sound of what was once a very-promising band. Goodbye Frank! We don't need you anymore. Full download of the new song "True Colours" can be found at