Tuesday, September 6, 2011


One of my favorite releases to come out this year so far, not a second of this split doesn't rule. Alpinist delivers with absolutely inspired crusty goodness, incorporating generous amounts of hardcore flavor. The occasional well-placed breakdown and excellent use of more decidedly dynamic sections only serves to elevate their tracks further. Alpinist really breaks through the fourth wall here, and although Masakari doesn't quite match their quality on this split, they certainly bring their fair share of intensity to the table.

Mostly a caustic, dirty affair, the Masakari tracks suck you in with a subdued intro before they pummel you into the dirt with unrelenting fast-paced riffing and throaty vocals. A few slower sections and more bass presence add to the atmosphere of the record as a whole, and the split really comes off as a cohesive whole, seeing both bands approaching similar territory with enough give and take that it never gets boring. Really worth your time, highly recommended.

Alpinist has provided this mediafire link on their bandcamp page, but unfortunately I believe all the LPs are sold out. Download, enjoy, buy a shirt or something, I don't know.

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