Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Torch Runner - Locust Swarm (2010)

Artist: Torch Runner
Genre: Hardcore/Sludge
Country: United States
Record Label: Closed Casket Activities

Yeah sludge is one of the few musical genres left yet to be tainted with a syndrome I refer to as "suckage". Adding elements of sludge to your music, no matter the genre, instantly elevates the quality of material you output above the level of shit. Torch Runner made a good call, incorporating it into their sound in a tasteful, elegant, innocent manner. Fast songs, slow songs, man these guys have it all: down-tuned guitars, a drummer who uses more than just his snare, a vocalist who has a least three different screams (blaaaagghh!!! raaaaaaghh!!! wraaararar!!). It's called variety brother, and these bros from North Carolina dish it out in ~20 mins.

Sweet serial killer van dudes I know it's what I would drive.



  1. One of my favorite bands. Saw them live twice and they're excellent, props on the post.

  2. hey saw you had the old torch runner record on here, we are releasing the torch runner / young and in the way split 7" this month. you wanna post up a download link for it? if so hit me up at: xfearnogodx AT gmail DOT com and I'll send you over the info!