Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sinat Hinam - Sinat Hinam (2008)

Artist: Sinat Hinam
Genre: Stenchcore
Country: Israel
Record Label ???

Israeli stenchcore, Sinat Hinam for the most part play pretty straightforward and crusty music that also happens to have some pretty strong metal overtones. Songs like "Self-Holocaust" and the untitled seventh track definitely are good displays of the band's heavier side, showing off some of the band's excellent riff writing capabilities while other songs such as "Existence Apathy" rage with crust's blind simplicity, pure unbridled aggression that completely breaks all restraint. Overall this album is really enjoyable and a great pick up.



  1. Sounds interesting as fuck, I'm picking it up.

  2. Hope you like it dude! At first I only it was okay but after a few listens the compositions really start sitting better and you can realize how could some of the stuff on album is.